Cube Saga Plus


A very jumpy snail



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Cube Saga Plus is an endless runner where you have to try to get as far as possible, while avoiding all the obstacles and collecting the coins you find. All this is done with a snail.

Your snail always moves forward in a straight line, so your job is to just tap the screen to make it jump. If you touch the screen again while the snail is in the air, it does a double jump. This way, you have to try to avoid the many, many obstacles.

With the coins you collect throughout the game, you can unlock new characters. You can find a bear, an alpaca, a cat, and a frog, among many others. All the characters have the same abilities, of course, but they do add some variety to the game.

Cube Saga Plus is an endless runner that, without showing off, offers a fun gaming experience. It's not a particularly original game, and doesn't have especially good graphics, but it is pretty entertaining.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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